Wednesday, January 30, 2013


I am a horrible person.

haha. okay thats a little harsh. :) but! i just feel so bad because I stink at being a good blogger buddy! I read blogs and think...oh yeah! i should BLOG today! but then i DONT. :( its sad, i know. So, i put a reminder in my phone to go off daily so maybe there can be a little daily dose. Hopefully it will work. Usually I don't because I dont know what to say. So if you have any suggestions on what you want to hear about just comment or email me ! haha. other than that I will just continue to TRY to blog more. {try, of course, being key word here}

for now? an update...

I realize that I didn't blog a whole lot when I was in Focus.One So i will start there.

I graduated from Focus One :)

from left to right that picture is: My roommate Jessica, Me, My roommate Fallyn, and my roommate Emma


then I moved back to Iowa :)

Living with my parents and sister trying to get a job throughout the summer not intending on going to school. I applied to many many many places. I used the source IOWAJOBS and applied for a LOT of places. also going in to places and filling out applications, going online to different places and filling out apps. not one called me. this was SO weird for me because this has never happened to me before. I applied to the DQ and got the job. I applied to a restaurant, and i got the job. I never had applied for multiple places and not get one single call.

While this was happening, my aunt had wanted me to apply for a position where she works. I did. but i wasn't very persistent on getting the application in. Then, I all the sudden decided to go to school for nursing.

I applied at a community college close to home and got all set up for the fall to start my nursing schooling.

I saw that I had actually not turned in that one application and I went to turn it in. The next day I got a call from them, had an interview the next day, and got the job!

So...let's recap..

1. ended focus.
2. started nursing
3. found a job

NOW: i am still employed and into my second semester of school. School is a little stressful with working this semester because I am doing 16 credit hours and am doing a class in the mornings at the local wellness center called Operation Transformation. (i may have to elaborate on THAT later...)

But its all going welL! and thats pretty much it I guess. there is the update! haha.

January has gone so fast! I forgot to post about new years resolution.. ha.

I have a few. I will post them. Resolutions to come. :)

excited for what this year will bring! WOO! :)

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