Tuesday, September 18, 2012

The Amazing IPAD!!

I have made the decision to start using my ipad for everything. I am trying to not use my computer as much if at all. I am minimizing. I'm excited. :) New apps, keyboards, covers, screen protectors....okay not really...just the apps. Before, my ipad was just a thing i took with me to my SISTER's so that my neice, as cute as she is, could play on it.. therefore, it was full of kid games from elmo potty to name the animals. Now, it is an educational resource with books, anatomy study guides, and psychology notes. Im really excited. And i will only be using my laptop for photoshop and music storage...and thats it until i can think of anything more. :) yay.
any suggestions/comments/questions?? I LOVE to hear from ya!!

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Shawn said...

you can use "logmein" to access you computer when (if) you need to