Thursday, January 5, 2012

Blog Header

YAY! a new blog header! so fun...

I designed it and had some fabulous verbal affirmation and design help from the wonderful Miss Shanda Maci :o)

i think i like it.
a new year and a new blog header. which means, of course, that i have to change my blog button. so i will be working on that :) and!

i realize that i haven't blogged in a long time but no worries. i am going to try really hard to blog more. :D

i no longer have pink hair. i have dark brown dreads with 3 that are blonde-ish peach-ish weirdness and one that has 3 beads. haha.

also i am going to FOCUS ONE..a great place. (click the link for more info)

and I really really want to know what you think about my blog header and also, what your new years resolutions are if you have any.

ready..set...GO!! :D

1 comment:

Angela said...

I super LOVE it! It's awesome. You're awesome.